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Sara Jacobovici – Owner Creative Arts Therapies Services

It’s all about identity. And it’s all about communication.
At the core of every aspect of our personal and professional lives are issues of identity; who am I?

We spend our time and money on learning how to best communicate that identity. Whether you are engaged in personal therapy or counselling or in personal branding and marketing, it all comes down to who you are and how you communicate that identity to others.

My one passionate goal is to enable my clients to realize that who we are is based on three branches of our being: we are SENSORY BEINGS, CONSCIOUS BEINGS and CREATIVE BEINGS. And our innate language with which we communicate who we are is the non-verbal and verbal language of metaphor. I CALL METAPHOR OUR LANGUAGE OF CREATIVE THINKING.

“Some things you can talk about, for those things you can’t, let the creative arts speak for you.” – SJ

We communicate all the time. We impart or exchange information between people and places. It is our main means of connecting; with ourselves and others.

We speak and write use using words in a structured and conventional way. Sounds simple, but you know it’s not.

Otherwise, why wouldn’t people get what you say? Why is it often so difficult to actually say what you’re thinking and feeling?

I help you make sense of it all and get your communication across successfully.

FIRST thing I do is reconnect you with your primary language, our pre-verbal sensory forms of communication. Finding how to say what is often beyond words.

SECOND, I help you learn how you use language; what words mean to you, and that those words don’t necessarily have the same meaning for others

  • I help you learn to make use of the language that will get your message across successfully; to yourself and others.
  • I am a solutions provider. I enable you to arrive at your own solutions through the use of your first language, creativity.

The factor that will make the difference between succeeding and failing to manage time is knowing how we make sense of time. You can’t manage time unless you understand what it is you are supposed to be managing.

Time is of the esSense is an e-book I wrote that offers a new way of seeing time from a sensory perspective. I offer it to you as a free download. Enjoy the read.